Echosec Systems secures $10 million credit facility from Espresso Capital

Victoria, BC — March 8, 2022 — Espresso Capital announced today that it has provided Echosec Systems, a leading open-source intelligence software company, with a $10 million credit facility. Relied upon by security and intelligence teams to monitor social media and dark web networks, the company will use the capital to make strategic enhancements to its solutions and expand its investments in sales and marketing. 

“We’re excited to be partnering with Espresso to obtain the non-dilutive growth capital we need to execute our overarching strategy,” said Echosec CEO, Jeff Oldenburg. “By better contextualizing open source data through NLP and product enhancements, we’re helping our customers derive real-time insights across dozens of languages in support of their missions. This is making it easier for our customers to reduce noise and focus on the most critical geopolitical and security risks.”

Echosec Systems’ intelligence tools have become fundamental for security and intelligence teams worldwide. The company’s software solutions help bridge the information gap between online chatter and real-world security threats and are experiencing enormous customer demand.

“Echosec has a clear value proposition to its customers that’s only becoming more relevant in the current geopolitical climate,” said Espresso Associate Director, James Langford. “That combined with their proven management team, strong unit economics, and supportive investor base are among the many reasons why we’re pleased to be partnering with Jeff and his team.”

“Espresso has been a great partner,” continued Oldenburg. “With the huge tailwinds we’re seeing for open source intelligence, this facility will allow us to accelerate in a rapidly evolving landscape while delivering immense value for our customers and their operations.”

About Echosec Systems

Echosec Systems provides security and intelligence teams with streamlined access to a wide range of social data in real-time. Their web-based solutions are trusted by global teams to deliver timely, relevant data to improve situational awareness on the ground and inform initiatives like geopolitical risk assessment, counterterrorism, disinformation monitoring, and crisis response.

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