Adthena set to turbocharge US growth with $13.5 million junior credit facility from Espresso Capital

London and Austin — February 10, 2022 — Espresso Capital announced today that it has provided Adthena, the market-leading search intelligence platform for paid search advertising, with a $13.5 million credit facility. The company will use the funds to drive its growth strategy in the United States.

“We’re growing 100 percent year over year in the US and scaling quickly in other markets, including the UK, France, and Australia,” says Adthena CEO and Co-Founder, Ian O’Rourke. “Bringing non-dilutive capital into our funding mix was the logical and sensible thing to do at this stage of our growth. The Espresso facility will allow us to keep our foot on the gas by augmenting our GTM machine, building new products that help us scale into bigger deals, and upselling to existing customers.” 

For brands, marketers, and agencies who want to dominate their competitive landscapes, Adthena is a search intelligence platform that provides competitive analysis, strategic insights, and a team of experts. Its Local View solution uses advanced AI technology to provide the location-based analytical power marketers need to compete in the local search landscape. The company recently won the best software innovation and best search software tool categories at the 2021 US Search Awards

“Adthena is the standout leader in search intelligence” said Espresso Executive Director, Mark Gilbert. “Their solution’s patented use of machine learning and AI, combined with their extensive datasets, powers Adthena’s market-leading performance. We were impressed with the quality of their leadership team, diversified customer base, and growth velocity”

“This is the biggest debt facility we’ve ever raised and provides tremendous optionality for our business,” said Adthena CFO Will Richards. “Partnering with Espresso made total sense. Not only were they a great fit for us culturally given that the firm was founded by tech entrepreneurs, their terms were also significantly better than what the UK market can offer.”

Updata Partners is among Adthena’s existing investors.

About Adthena

Founded in 2012, Adthena is an award-winning search intelligence platform. Our unique combination of patented, AI-driven technology and world-class team of experts helps brands, marketers, and agencies across the globe dominate their competitive landscape. 

We provide our customers a clear view of the competitive landscape, helping them optimize their paid search spend to increase ROI, all while saving them time and better informing their cross-channel strategy. Adthena’s solutions are powered by our market-leading technology: Whole Market View creates a unique market map of a client’s entire search landscape and Smart Monitor automatically detects threats and opportunities every day. Our new award-winning Local View solution provides the location-based strategic insights that brands, marketers, and agencies need to dominate their local competitive landscapes. 

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