Extend your runway, accelerate growth without dilution, and increase your strategic flexibility.

Espresso’s team did an extraordinary job of understanding our market, company, and business plan. They moved expeditiously to get the facility in place so we didn’t miss a beat.  

Anthony Romano

CEO, CREtelligent

We like Espresso because they’re not a classical lender. They were easy to work with, got things done fast, and were able to structure a facility that complemented the bank line we already had in place. This facility gives us tremendous flexibility ahead of going to market to raise our Series C.

Stuart Rhodes

CFO, Matic Insurance Services

Espresso was a great partner. Not only do we share a common philosophy around the importance of investing for growth, Espresso also brings significant investment experience to the table that ultimately helped better position us for a great exit.

Jeff Cotten

CEO, Tenfold

Espresso really listens. They knew what was most important to us and demonstrated great flexibility in their model to create a win-win deal for everyone. They’ve been great to work with and we appreciate that they take a long-term, relationship-first approach to partnering.

William R. Adler

President & CEO, True Fit

Working with the Espresso team was very efficient. It was a very professional and supportive relationship, both in terms of the initial phase of getting the deal done, and every step of the way since. We were able to move very quickly and get the capital we needed to bridge us to our Series C.

Darrel Heaps

Founder and CEO, Q4 Inc.

Even before we partnered with Espresso, I was impressed with how helpful they were. Sure, they provide non-dilutive growth capital, but to me what really stands out about Espresso is the fact that they’re not just lenders. They know how to diagnose the problems a company has and then connect founders to the resources they need to fix them.

Nancy Peterson

Founder and CEO, HomeStars

The team at Espresso just gets it. They understand the challenges that SaaS companies like ours face and the resources that we need. They were able to offer us a facility that meets our unique require- ments and that will power our growth as we continue to scale.

Lauri Klaus

Founder and CEO, KeyedIn

By partnering with Espresso, we were able to grow our business, fund a major merger, and ultimately reach the scale we needed to secure a large equity round.

Kyle Braatz

Co-founder and CEO, Fullscript

Espresso gave us a way to get the capital we needed so that we could delay raising our Series C until we were in a better position and could command a higher valuation.

Bruno Laliberté

CFO, Hortau

The moment we got to know Espresso, we knew we were in good hands. They gave us the capital we needed to grow our business when other investors wouldn’t. Thanks to their help, we’ve been able to maintain control of the business and chart our own course.

Rich Emrich

Founder and CEO, Altus Assessments

With Espresso you have very honest conversations, the team is easy to work with, and there’s no friction. It’s a very natural relationship that quickly evolves into a true partnership.

Roland Gossage

CEO, GroupBy

Espresso has been an excellent partner. They’re fast, efficient, and most important of all, flexible. They were ready to work with us to find a solution that met our needs.

Doug Bewsher

CEO, Leadspace

We’re a different kind of lender.

At Espresso, we provide the capital you need with the flexibility you deserve.

Capital to meet your needs

  • Growth
  • Runway extension
  • Working capital
  • Acquisition
  • Recapitalization

Flexible credit structures

  • Unitranche and second lien
  • Non-amortizing
  • Operating lines and term loans
  • Up to 5-year term
  • Warrant-free option

Who we work with.

We lend to high-growth technology companies in the United States, Canada, and the UK that provide mission-critical core operations and other high-value solutions to customers.


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