Our history begins in Vancouver in 2009, when two former tech entrepreneurs launched Espresso to help startups finance their growth. In the more than a decade since, we’ve grown to become a leading provider of venture debt solutions in the United States and Canada. With offices in Toronto, San Francisco, Chicago, Vancouver, and Montreal, today we offer non-dilutive growth capital to leading North American companies in technology, healthcare, and other high-growth verticals.

Over our more than 10-year history, we have partnered with hundreds of companies and their investors, helping them to accelerate growth, extend the funding runway, reduce cost of capital, and minimize dilution. Although our business has evolved over the years, many of our founding principles remain the same. That includes our commitment to being founder friendly. We believe that as businesses scale, they need a financing partner that works like they do. For us, that means being fast, fair, and flexible, while delivering the best experience possible.

Of course none of that would be possible without our people. We’re proud to have built one of the best venture debt teams in the world. Not only does our team bring deep experience and passion to their work, they’re committed to our mission of empowering companies with innovative growth financing and runway extension solutions.

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